Food, Glorious Food

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Oliver Twist, a musical based on a novel by Charles Dickens, is about an orphan at a workhouse who, along with the other children, was mistreated and given little food. Oliver escapes from the orphanage, joining a group of boys who are trained by an elderly man to be pickpockets. There is a scene in the movie where the orphans are in the dining hall singing and imagining, “Food, glorious food. Hot sausage and mustard. While we’re in the mood, cold jelly and custard. Peas pudding and saveloys…”and so on it goes. Whenever I hear the line, “Food, glorious food,” I think of my uncle’s restaurant because he sure did serve food, glorious food! His restaurant menu must have boasted 100 or so dishes.

With such an extensive menu, it is not surprising to know that he spends hours in the kitchen before opening the restaurant at 11 a.m. and more hours in the kitchen after closing the restaurant at 10 p.m. The business thrived for several years. However, it took a toll on my uncle and aunt who were forced to survive on little sleep. They lost an enormous amount of weight. When they were not working in the kitchen, they were working in their little office taking care of the bookkeeping aspect of their business. As a result, time with family had to be sacrificed. More time had to be sacrificed whenever they had to meet with their accountants in Burwood for advice. What they needed was real-time help in business accounting in the form of Xero accounting.

Xero accounting is an online accounting software that helps small businesses operate faster and better. This software allows the user to access his business accounts anywhere, any time. The user can invite anyone to view his accounts and collaborate online with his small business accountant in real-time. This software can be used on any computer system or smartphone. Financial data stored in this software will always be up-to-date and securely stored even if the user’s computer is lost or stolen. The user’s bank account, credit card and PayPal transactions can be automatically imported to allow him to reconcile bank accounts in much less time and with much less paperwork. This software can automatically update foreign currency exchange rates. The user can use the online invoicing feature to design his own invoice templates, receive notification when an invoice is opened, allow for immediate payment with credit card or PayPal through the invoice and automatically track payments, returns and credits. Other computer applications can also be integrated with this software.

Due to the stress and lack of family time, my uncle eventually sold his restaurant business. I sometimes wonder if his restaurant would still be around today if he had the business accounting support of an online accounting software such as Xero accounting. I know his family would have appreciated the time this accounting software would have spared him.